SMARTER TV .... AS EASY AS 1, 2 ,3


Looking for entertainment streaming alternatives that offers NO PROPRIETARY LOCK IN, and direct access to multiple streaming providers.  Consumers are looking for effective alternatives.  It should be exclusively up to YOU to subscribe to the streaming services and providers of YOUR CHOICE at your DISCRETION.  The team behind the offering are developing new partnerships and aggregating a library of streaming applications that can be sampled, installed and enjoyed completely at the end users preference and budget.


Many streaming applications developed are available for phone and tablet technologies in the first instance, BUT very few are optimised for the Android Mini-PC.  This is changing, and almost all the applications short listed in the STORE respond well with the STANDARD REMOTE and the AIR MOUSE REMOTE. 

In this manner, the focus puts the Android Mini-PC remote control in the primary position, in consideration of YOU and YOUR EXPERIENCE with each application.  


TVZ is delivered through the ANDROID™ TV BOX available for purchase from this website exclusively.  We prefer to refer to this revolutionary hardware as an ANDROID™ MINI PC as its capability goes beyond streaming.  The ANDROID™ MINI PC is a PORTABLE device that turns any TV into a SMART TV and turns a SMART TV into an optimised black screen environment.  This means it can be used for ALL BASIC HOME COMPUTING identical to a tablet or mobile.

The ANDROID™ MINI PC is a host for the Android OS, identical to an ANDROID™ mobile Phone or Tablet.  Enhancements of the operating system support the optimisation of the remote control functionality for interoperability with applications.  All Android functionality is available via the ANDROID™ MINI PC and its optimised remote.

Start enjoying accessibility to content available on the internet, enjoyed by millions around the world.
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